English Skills Tutorial for Foreign students


Having two jobs is sometimes overwhelming. In the morning, you go to school, you study, copy assignments ( not other’s assignment, I mean in the blackboard) and you listen to the teacher’s discussion. On this daily routine in which I had done every single day, it makes your life seems short and honestly speaking, you can’t explore the things you’ve always wanted to look for because you are all piled up in papers, discussions, and brainstorms. That’s only the half part of the routine. In the afternoon, after class, you need to report on your duty as a English tutor. Well, I had 4 foreign students that I already treated them not as a student but as a friend and they appreciate the things that I thought them. I am lucky that God gave me such wonderful students that I placed them in my memories, my mind and my heart. I worked as an English tutor for almost 7 months from now and sometimes I get stuck up, because there was this day that I was about to leave the opportunity because I had personal problems regarding myself and I there was this thought that came in an instant flash of lightning that telling me that I shouldn’t quit. Maybe it was a signal that it wants me to stay , and so, I made the decision that I will not quit and I will further spend the years on this job  with a warm smile on my face. By the way, I found a new best friend and he was my student. I know it sounds weird, and unprofessional but hey!, that’s life, you can’t turn your back on friendship. If it comes, then grab it.

… The product that chose with a warm smile, is English tutoring, because I am working as an English tutor.  I am capable in working on houses and English center. I don’t have a master’s degree and I’m not fresh graduate student but I know that I am an effective tutor because if I’m not effective, I would be fire from the first place. This kind of opportunity of mine is my key to my future and it taught me to grow, to adapt easily in many situations and it is also my road to the heavens.



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