… Enhancing and Developing English skills

… Now a days, English is one of the main techniques and requirements when finding a job and it is said that English is widely said that it is not an ordinary language. It is an international language that was brought to us to be developed, enhanced, and to be used well in many occasions. The reason why I wrote this blog, is that I heartily want to help those people who are in a big need in developing their English skills. In this world, when a person speak rapid English or shall we say that person had the tongue to speak in an American, or British accent, 98% of people would say ” Wow! look at that person. I bet that person had a good job and a wonderful career” No offense but that’s reality. Now a days, people are criticize on how they speak or how they act. Improving your English skills, verbal or non-verbal is a thumbs-up in your incoming future. Grammar problems are practically normal, because me, myself had a problems regarding in grammar. So keep your head high, and always say positive things or be optimistic and you’ll never know that you will be a great English speaker or writer or poet in the future.

Take note, there are no perfect people. We are made equal. we eat, we study, we sleep and the same time, we learn and we commit mistakes and we accept that mistake and mold it into a lesson and we use that lesson to become a good fruit-bearing person.

… Blessed be


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