… The third person

when I’m with you, its like I am returning into my old self and its a good feeling that you felt the same too. The time when I decided to avoid you, faith seems playing us apart. I don’t know this feeling but whatever it is… I know that there is something behind all of this that is waiting for me to fall down.


Eros, The Valentine…


Love, I think there are many people who want to experience love. To people, love may be like a trophy or the result of victory. Love flows with the river together. It could be defined as a song, a simple delicate poem, or a novel that touches the heart of the reader. Love bears and blooms any flowers and it never ever leave a seed left forgotten. Love, for me is a gift that soon, I will be able to grab that happiness with a warm smile.


…. I am Dominic E. Blancaflor, born on the month of Febuary and in this blog that I just created, I portrayed and chose the god of love and romance, Eros. Also known as tag name ” Cupid”.  Cupid is highly popular in the month of Febuary, the Valentine month. In which people buy gifts for their love ones especially to their special someone whom they love the most. Cupid’s bow and arrow is his symbol and many people portray the image of Eros just to feel welcome the presence of love. Some paintings of Eros are practically nude( Almost all of them) but in this photo, I dressed up in a white cloth and held my bow and arrow as the right image of Cupid.

In the story of Cupid, Cupid was a young, serene, gentle, handsome and can be nominate as the perfect dream guy on a girl’s prom date. Eros, was the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Her beauty and charms are the same with his son’s. Cupid’s characteristics are always been desired by love, because in his story he fell in love with a beautiful maiden, but the maiden didn’t know who Eros really was and never seen the face of the god. In the story, the maiden thought that Eros was vicious, and an ugly monster, but in reality he wasn’t. Cupid had been thrown in the underworld, where the maiden went inside the underworld to find him. Whooooahh!! That was a heart breaking story! And I red the story over and over, I wished that there is a book of Cupid’s story, because it was really romantic. Cupid’s characteristic and behavior will automatically make the girls go crazy. In his looks and charms, all of the girls will create and stampede ( just jokin’) Cupid had a soft, I don’t know if it’s poetic but based on what I had just red, Cupid had a voice  or maybe the way he spoke that make the girl fall in love to him. People say that when you get shot by Cupid’s arrows, you will fall in love with somebody else. That’s how people react on Cupid, well my birthday is in Febuary, so I think that Cupid is the right god for me. I mean I fall in love sometimes, and I think its probably natural. Hey, we are all human, we do fall in love, and been hurt at the same time but we try to forget and to move on. but it doesn’t mean that we will never fall in love again. That the most basic similarities of Cupid that connects and relates in my life. Be careful! If you don’t fall in love, Cupid will shoot you!! …


…. Our heart may be tired of loving, but that doesn’t mean we will never fall in love again…

Never stop loving, because we deserve to be loved and to be happy…



The Last Song…


Life is so much like a song. In the beginning, there is a mystery. In the ending, there is a confirmation but in the middle there is this rising action that makes life somehow worthwhile. As life revolves in many ways and despite of our burdens, we can say “I can do this, with the help of this song” We must burry the past or the past will burry us.

The Fireworks within you…


 “Do you ever feel already buried deepsix feet under? Scream but no one seems to hear a thing Do you know that there’s still a chance foryou ‘Cause there’s a spark in you?”


Remembering those regrets from the past makes your life goes on. Even though those relationships you had before keeps you prevent from attracting more relationships. And people would say it is better to have relationships because it gives many colors in your life. Just like fireworks, colorful, bright, and shining with different variety of colors. Having that kind of happiness makes you climb the highest hill and shout. Although people would try to criticize you that you are different from them and gives you a scar that will be slowly to be healed. In that happiness, it can urge you to walk as far as possible, or even collect fallen fall leaves in the midst of autumn. In that happiness, it can be able to open your heart to the reality that you are deserve to be happy.


In the song “fireworks” sang by a beautiful singer named Katy Perry. She sang that song perfectly. By listening and hearing those lyrics, maybe it was the time that I should be able to understand myself. Happiness, the song was all about happiness. When you found that happiness, it can lead you to the fireworks that can give you a warm smile in your life. To someone, happiness may be like a medal or like a trophy and it is the result of victory. People are madly waiting for that happiness to arrive in their lives because they know that when they hold that happiness it can drive them to the fireworks that gives their lives more than like a story. For me, happiness is a secret that I, myself, may not be able to find out. These lines shows us how invisible life is and you keep shouting for help but there was no one had the courage to lend you a hand. Even though, in that situation you just only need one person. That person can understand how deep is your scar is. That person will see that there was spark in you. That person will walk with you in your long day work.  That person will notice you even you are buried six feet under the ground. And that person will draw you out on your comfort zones and show you how beautiful life is. At least that person… from that person… I can breathe freely.


Katy Perry did write and sang this song with symbolic and figurative style of an art. She brightens the spirit of the weak through her mild inspirational songs that touches each person’s heartstrings. Thank you Katy Perry for telling us that life is such a gift that needs to be embrace and telling us that no matter how the onlookers say offensive about you, you always remember that you are the only one who knows who and what you are and what you truly believe in.

Unrequited Love

… How timid and delicate unrequited love is..

It is a love that gets trapped inside unable to find an exit.

even though I’m the only one who started it

Without knowing a thing, that person will leave my sight someday

and the love ends passively.

A love that ends in vain without having its purpose.

Never ever even have the chance to bud or bloom any flowers

or a seed left forgotten… that’s is Unrequited love.